Sunday, November 23, 2014

September 2014

Birthday month in all its glory. 
Hello 28!

 This munchkin shares my birthday, he's also my best buddy. Huddy Bear turned 2 this year while I turned 28. I have good feelings about 28. It could be THE year!

He loved his sweet treats from Nielson's Frozen Custard

Brian, Keith, me, Dave
 I had so much fun on the day of my birth. My sister took me for an amazing massage in the morning. My dad gave me all 4 of his tickets to the Utah game and the sweet fellas joined me in the celebrations. 

Amanda, Trae, Tara, Heather, Brian, Jill, Brittany, Dave, Jessica, Natalie, me, Tiffany, Cory, Kassie, Keith, Tanner, Chad, Corey, Erin, Greg plus two randoms who I didnt know!
Because I am a mature adult we went to Lazer Quest for an epic game of lazer tag! All these wonderful friends of mine came to celebrate with me. it was awesome. The girl attacked me with toilet paper while they all song happy birthday.

 My dad took us out to Red Iguana for a bday celebrations and they treated us with these little delights. This only show's half of huddys joy!

 We went to the Clark Planetarium. He loved the giant balls floating in the air!

Kari, Brynne, me, Amanda, Katie, Emma
Birthday dinner with the gal pals at Porcupine! 

Team "That's What She Said" - Jessica, me, Rachel, Brittany 
We love to run in the dirty dash! Rolling around in the mud and "running" while making dirty jokes all day is the best way to spend a Saturday. I covered my old Iphone in a baggie to get some pictures while running but they just turned out really foggy and hard to see.

 Brittany                                                                       Rachel
 After the race shots, mud in every crevice!
 Jessica                                                                                Me

 Rachel, Jessica, Brittany, Me

 Tiffany invited me to her work party at Boondocks. We had to much fun on the Go-Karts and playing mini golf.

 My dad has surgery on his rotater cuff/ shoulder at the start of the month and was stuck at home for a little while. Huddy and I went to visit him one day and took him one of his favorite treats, doughnuts! After that we tried to take a ride on the ferriswheel at Scheels. Hudson wasn't tall enough so we walked around and looked at the animals. I think he was more afraid of the random guy taking our picture than the huge bear next to us.

 My dear sweet friend Jessica tricked me into going on a singles trip to Lake Tahoe. When she invited me there were promises of river rafting and hikes and my desire to go there, she just happened to leave out the part that it was an LDS mid-singles trip. Minus that blunder and the monstrosity of the "singles social scene" it was'nt all that bad of a weekend. It was definitely an adventure and I got to make some new friends!
Natalie, Stefanie, Dreamy Scotty B, me, Jessica, Brianne
We did an 18 mile stretch of river with some wicked cool rapids on the Middle Fork of the American River. Our raft guide, Scotty B, was fantastic and laughed at our non-stop dirty comments while keeping Natalie calm and stress free! We had the best raft for sure. everyone looked on in envy as they floated by.

Stefanie, me, Natalie, Brianne, Becca, Jessica
On the last night of the trip there was a Gatsby themed dance party. 

 Tiffany is a gem and took me with her to the Katy Perry concert! AMAZING. We were in the standing section in the middle of the stage and dressed up to party hard for the night. Katy knows how the throw a serious party!

 She even sang me happy birthday (along with everyone else) and had fireworks!
 It was a fantastic way to end my birthday month! I can never thank Tiffany enough for taking me and letting me share in the magic. 

Bring it on 28, its going to be a really great year!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

August 2014

So many great things happened in August, prob my favorite month of the year thus far!

I got to go back to my old hygiene school and help mold young minds in clinic... haha kidding. I was just a Clinic Instructor. pretty basic but it was still fun.

 My uncle Greg passed away from Parkinson's Disease back in May. He had been diagnosed  back when I was little. Him and my aunt never had kids so he was always so supportive of me and my siblings {I like to think we were his favorite's}. He struggled for a long time and it was really hard on everyone when he decided he was done. 
One of my favorite memories with him is helping to wrap my aunts Christmas presents. He wanted to make sure her gifts looked good so Whitney and I would go help wrap them. He would hang out with us and tell us stories of serving in the Navy. It always brought tears to his eyes when he talked about the people in Vietnam. He has such a big heart!

 My aunt threw him an amazing life celebration that so many long time friends came to pay respect. It was great to hear all the stories from his good 'ol days and feel the love for him. 

 me and my cute grandpa

Huddy and I had a few more adventures. He got to go on a pony ride at Thanksgiving Point Farm Country. We went to Cowabunga Bay with Whitney and played in the water, He loved it just not the life jacket.

 I got to be Tiffany's date for her friends wedding. We had a blast taking pics in the photo booth and by the barn. Shes a babe! We always have so much fun.

Natalie, Kim, me
 The magic of LAKE POWELL! My favorite place
{Also I completely forgot to bring my camera so all my pics are stolen from Deanne, Tanner, and I dont remember who else!}

 Shay, Kim, Brittany, Tara, Chad, Jill, Ashley, Marcus, Landon, Kassie, Tanner, Me, Corey, Natalie, Deanne
Sunday we hiked to Rainbow Bridge

 Seriously the greatest place on earth. 

 Rocking the surf board. Corey felt like he had to help with my roaping since he split my chin open on the tube. Good thing we had Kassie to super glue me shut, didn't even leave a scar. She's a champ!

  Brittany, Chad, Corey, me
We had too much fun in powell that we all went to a Bee's game after we got back. Brittany got hooked up with tickets from her work and took all us crazies with her. It was awesome.

Me. Hudson, Sean, Lauren, Whit 
We had a family reunion with my mom's siblings in the Uinta's. It was freezing cold and rained all night, Huddy was real happy when he got to jump on me in the morning. We took a paddle boat on the little pond when the sun came out for a second!

 I took Huddernut over to Wheeler Farm to see the piggies. He got so excited every time I asked him if he wanted to see the piggies, then started to snort like a pig. It was the first time I've ever heard him do it and couldn't stop laughing! I love this wee little nugget so much.

 Sister and I got to take my dads tickets to the first University of Utah football of the season. We sat in the white section for the stripe the stadium. It's always so much fun at the games. We love it!

Baby Maggie Ann Gerber was born. 
I love that her initials are MAG, so they spell her name.

Karrie, Jessica, Krista, me, Heather
Heather invited us to stay at her dads house in Flaming Gorge for the weekend. 

Brad, Karrie, me, Magen, Krista, Ray, Jessica, Heather, Jill, Brittany, Sarah
we froze our butts off river rafting

Swam and did some cliff diving in this magical little bay

Krista, Ray, Megan, Jill, Brittany, Sarah, Me, Jessica, Brad, Karrie, Heather
 Since we had such a large group her dad arranged for us to stay at an empty house across the street. Yes, we were squatters for the weekend and referred to ourselves as the Carroll's

What better way to end a road trip home from Flaming Gorge than to stop in vernal at the Utah Field House Dinosaur Museum! We made an awesome hyper-lapse video of a t-Rex attack but I'm computer-illiterate and don't know how to get it on here.

It is safe to say that August treated me right. 
I didn't spend a single weekend at home, 
that's how every summer should end!

Monday, November 10, 2014

July 2014

July was a star spangled flash of fun!

 For Taci's birthday we went horseback riding in Erda where her family lives. It was so fun!

me, Traci, Jelissa
I got to babysit tank, he obviously loved playing with the photo booth on my laptop. These are the last two photo's I took with him. 

 Hudson and I had lots of great adventures.  He loved the little splash pad in North Salt Lake 

 Huddy loved the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. He loved digging in the dirt and finding all the bones.

 This little man is so funny. He insisted that we have matching hats and took pictures with my phone!

 Tiff and I got festive for Teenage Mutant Turtles in the park. Not the new one, the better version from 1990.

Heather, Megan, Jessica, me, John, Brittany, Chad
Jessica was nice enough take to take gang boating with her family. It was a magical day!

 This handsome young fella, Jeffery, Left on his LDS Mission to Scotland/Ireland. 

 The Bountiful rec center has the coolest kiddie pool with a giant pirate ship for the midgets to play on. Huddy loved it so much that even though his teeth were chattering he wouldn't get off.

 Tank had been sick for a few weeks and lost a lot of weight. The vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with him so they decided instead of putting him through months of torture, they would put him down since there wasn't a guarantee any of the treatment would work. It was really sad and we all miss him so much. He always tried to fit in my lap for naps but he was way too big. I miss him a lot. 

Chad, me, Cory, Tiffany, Will
Foreigner and Styx performed at USANA Amphitheatre, Foreigner stole the show but Styx was still awesome.  

Ray, Kassie, Devon, Brad, Brian, Heather, Dave... and Ray again. {Pano feature is fun!}
Dave invited us to stay at his house in Morgan to run the Morgan Valley Marathon. Everyone else was motivated and actually ran the marathon, Brittany were normal and sane and rocked that 5K like champions! We even ran across the finish line like Phoebe from friends.

Brad, Brian, me, Karrie, Dave, Brittany, Sarah, Devon
Who doesn't love to give a 2 year a sugar rush?! Not me, I'm in the running for best aunt ever! Mostly I just love spending time with this sill kid. He may have enjoyed the Hokulia Shaved ice just a smidgen.