Wednesday, August 27, 2014

San Fran

Back in June, 3 days after I got home from Hawaii, I went on a sibling vacation.
My brother Sean, his wife Lauren. Laurens sister Chloe and her husband Chase. My sister Whitney and her boyfriend Matt.... and myself (6th wheel, woooo)
This was my first to San Fransisco and I certainly left my heart there!
We found a deal with Southwest Airlines and gave Sean the trip for his birthday. 

We flew in early friday morning and started to explore! 

Me, Whitney, Matt
Got some tasty sushi

 Walked from our hotel to fisherman's wharf and checked out the chocolate factory

Lauren, Whit, me, Chloe
 Chloe, Lauren, me, Whit

 Lauren and Sean

 Sean, Lauren, me, Whitney, Matt, Chloe, Chase

Lauren and Sean                                                                                                     me
 Lombard Street

I loved seeing all the details of the buildings. I was slightly obsessed with how cute and artsy all the doors were. weird I know!

We rented bikes and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge to eat lunch in Sausalito. Since we were a little pooped from the ride we decided the take the ferry back and got more delicious food before taking the bikes back. 

chase, matt, sean
 There was a little farmers market on the pier with the yummy fruit. I was drooling. If you have not noticed this trip was based off of the tasty food we found!

 {sean looking real cute in the back}

It was freezing cold so during our ride we stopped at the North Face store to pick up some warm sweat shirts and decided to get matchy-ish so we could look real cute in our pics at the bridge. I obviously know how to make biking look real good.

 Chloe and Chase
 View of the Bay before we went across the bridge

Me. My anxiety of road biking. Rocking it like a champ with a power fist!

 Seriously this is so pretty I died!

Matt, Whit, Chloe-balls, Chase, Lauren, Sean and yours truly!

Sunday we did A LOT of shopping. way too much shopping. Hours in the Nike store. We also discovered a new love for cronuts. A croissant doughnut, aka heaven.
Isaac told about the best place to get them and planned to go there on Monday before we flew out. These little babes are from a place just down the street from our hotel called the Posh Bagel.
We walked back down to the wharf to finally get a treat from the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory

 Romance was really blooming the whole trip...

Say hello to the greatest salted caramel chocolate ice cream sunday with bananas added I have ever tasted. I was in the church of chocolate and quickly started having a relationship with this little cup of pure heaven. It was THAT good!

Finally got to take a ride on the trolly back up to our hotel for more eating and shopping!

Monday morning we woke up extra early, ran down to get our bikes rented and rode our little hearts out to make it to Isaac's cronut shop called Filmores for what he called "the best cronut ever" only to find out the it was closed on monday. naturally we were heart broken but recovered quickly when we found a little shop around the next bend with other tasty delights! We rode back down towards the bridge to check out the Palace of Fine Arts. How is one city so packed with this much magic?!

The intense bike ride left my legs a little jello... 
 Proof that my family is fantastic

 The details in every building of this entire city was perfection.

 All lined up and looking for more food.

We found this burger joint called Burger Meister close to the Golden Gate Park {I was having a hard time breathing after riding/walking up a massive hill and didn't get any pictures of the park sadly. It, like everything else, was spectacular!} Maybe it was just something to do with the city but it was soo good. find it. try it!

Lauren rocking her adorable baby bump on this colorful wall.

I'm almost positive the only thing that stopped me from gaining 30 pounds while we were eating our way around the city was the fact that we were constantly moving. I cant wait to go back and see more of this city!