Tuesday, August 30, 2011

time to play

Lake Powell is one of my most favorite places.
good food, laughing with good friends, sunshine and boating, what could be better?
I was lucky enough to get to join my friends katie and stain  for a little trip down this past weekend. it was much needed in every possible way!

katie and stains nephew ryan went cliff jumping with a little help from stain

no, i still can not jump the wake. but i did better

 cutest couple

katie                                                           hyeku
clint                                                               me
launa and nate

on the way home we stopped at "C" stop for yummy pizza in panguitch. if you have never been there it is a must!! so good.

thanks katie and stain for the awesome trip! you guys are the greatest 
(i cant wait to move in with you guys! hahaha... if it happens!)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


lauren me & emma

I am lucky to have a lot of good friends {some old and some new} to help me survive my struggles in life. these two lovely ladies are some of the many people i love.
thanks girlfriends, for all that you do!

we survived!

erin natalie & me

we made it through our FIRST semester of dental hygiene school!
congrats girls
....only 4 more to go....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have wanted to get a road bike for a really long time
been checking out all different kinds in stores and online
...you would think that after this summer i would no longer want one but that was not the case, I still had it on my birthday list.
well...... drum roll please!
I got an early birthday present from my cute father!
{ i got another one from Whitney but more on that later! }

  isn't she a beauty?! 
{and it was on sale :)}

so after 3 days of studying/cramming my brains out and doing nothing more then sitting and staring at my computer ALL day for 7 finals 
I was mentally checked out by wed at about 10 am. brain full, cant take anymore information in after so many days!

I got to do THIS...
 with my sister! we have fun

so if anyone wants to ride and teach me the ways of the road biking I am all for it!
P.S. one more day, one more final and I will have officially survived my first semester of dental hygiene school! Who is ready to party with me?!?!

Monday, August 8, 2011


really missing her
its been a rough few days

katy perry

the night we got back from Chicago we got back just in time to make it to
..... drum roll please.....
Katy Perry!

I don't get the chance to go to many concerts. But this girl puts on an amazing performance!
Countless costumes that are all impressive! I want to be her for Halloween, or just for everyday life.

 brain, me, mike, whitney
whitney and I
 cotton candy mustache
 I am pretty
 teenage dream
 I wanna see your peacock
 Its not like the movie's
California girls

Loved it!!