Saturday, April 30, 2011

my internal struggle

I need everyones help!

as you all know, I am starting school in orem in 1 week (yikes!)
as of a few days ago I would not even consider the idea of moving to Provo. 

"everything I have is in salt lake" was my argument. 

I am starting to think that since I am already making some majors changes in my life then why not go all the way and move. I know a few people in Provo so i would have friends and its not like its that far so I can still work at the ortho on Fridays.

Pros: close to school so commuting less, meet lots of new people and be forced to get out and be social, less driving time means more study time, I could work somewhere there with better hours at night or on weekends. umm..... I think the main one is forcing me to be social. 

Cons: Its Provo, my job(s) are in salt lake, I JUST moved into jelissa's house and hate the idea of repacking my crap and moving it again, there is nowhere to park.

neither list is extensive, but the cons are not winning by any means.
I don't know what to do!

do I keep working myself to death in salt lake driving for hours everyday?
do I move and drive less?  


is why Provo scares me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Winter Spring....make up your mind!

Is anyone else getting really annoyed about the weather in Salt lake? 
I sure am!
I don't know what clothes to wear. I look out my wind and the sun is being, So i get ready and 20 minutes later when I walk to my car it is pouring rain from massive black clouds. WHY?!?!
I just want to it be warm and sunny!
I want to know for certain that winter is over and that summer is near.
is that REALLY so much to ask for?

I fell like I have been super busy and that time is just flying by us!
I started a second job at a kids care at Alta View hospital on the weekends. So now this summer I will be in school mon-thurs, work at the ortho fridays, and then at the kids care friday night/saturday/sunday in a variety of days until 10 pm at night.

It really weird being at a job that I just sit at the desk and check people in. It takes 1 minute and then I am just sitting there again (usually watching Tangled) until the next sick little babe walks in. 
the good news: I can do homework while I am there.
the not so good news: I go crazy just sitting there and am so bored I cant do my homework, the hours really suck, and I am never going to be home. Also, I had to work on easter and will also have to work mothers day. boo!
I at least had these little babies to enjoy during a long shift! yum.

But the exciting news in my life right now......
I start my program in 2 weeks!!!!!
I am nervous/excited/scared/terrified/joyful all in one ball. 
What if I suck?
What if I am way older then all the girls and the only single gal?
what if everyone else is really much smarter then me and I do horrible?
soo many "what ifs" are plaguing me right now!

I hope everyone had a magical easter!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Have you ever googled yourself?
I randomly did today. It mostly comes up with stuff about a girl who is amazing at basketball....def not me. 
I came across this little baby today.