Sunday, July 21, 2013

Moab family trip

Back in May we had our yearly family trip to Moab with my dad. This trip is always so much fun with crazy fun with great new memories every year. This year it worked out ever so lovely that I got to be in charge of the repo jeep... this is a big deal. I have gotten to drive a few small easy trails years before but never got to be the number one driver and do it all! Catherine, my step, was my co-pilot on the trip on we did the bonding. at one point I was laughing so hard I had to stop the jeep so I could control myself. 

If you have never been to Moab, you need to go!

 the first night we did the start of one trail to get a great sunset view
 this doesn't look big, but it was
 little Grayson has the greatest hair on a baby I have ever seen
 Rick brought his doll from work, Subaru Steve. The boys had a little too much fun with the my size doll
 My Favorite Trail: Kane's Creek
 my dad

 Matt and Hudson
 Rusty Nail
 Proof that rick was driving the jeep when he broke it!
 Whit and I had a little fun with my camera while the boys fixed the jeep. we were tree's, flamingo's, t-rex, Sasquatch, and heel clicking. My sister is the greatest, I love her to death!
the broken U-joint left as a warning to others 
we had a little too much fun having these adorable babes on the trip this year. MC, Maryann, and Lauren stayed back off the trail and explored main street in town and found a photography place. so the boys got all dressed up and snapped this ADORABLE thing. I cant get over how cute and funny they both are! 

Jon Hangerman was driving up through Moab and stopped to hang out with us crazy people for 24 hours. He loved steve as much as the other fellas.
 the next morning we hiked up to one of the arches for the first time
 this little family is adorable
 and this little guy has just stolen my heart! he loved the hike and his hiking backpack.
 we are all afraid of heights, sadly she was not acting too much in this picture. she just let out what was inside.

sorry for picture overload.