Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kauai, Hawaii

 Tiffany is the sweetest ever and invited me to join her and her family in Kauai for a week. I was super excited and felt like it took forever for this trip to arrive {like always...}
The trip included her mom & dad, grandma & grandpa, brother Chris, Tiffany, and myself.

 Her parents rented this amazing house right on the beach with our own pool, it was filled with ocean water and had little black crabbies running in and out {I screamed my head off when one ran across my foot}. Every room had a beautiful view of the ocean. We would sit on our back porch watching whales and sea turtles play in the water. Amazing!

On Sunday we went to church then went for a tour at the Allerton National Botanical Gardens. They gave us lots of history details about the Gardens and each area had different "rooms" with names I don't remember. But the art of the garden was beautiful, everything was perfect down to the detail. The gardens are kept a certain way so they look the exact same way they did 50 years ago, and were used for extravagant parties.

 Multiple movies were filmed in the gardens, and the entire island, including Jurassic Park.
Waimea Canyon - The Grand Canyon of Hawaii

 Tiff's cute mom was pumped to do the zip lines while we were there. They were so fun, the longest one was 1/2 mile long.

 Tiffany and I kayaked up the Wailua River to the Secret Waterfall. We laughed so hard the whole time, struggled with steering and zig-zagged our way up the river, and remembered how little muscle we have as a group.

 We did get in the waterfall, but none of the pictures worked out except for when we both fell at the same time and scraped our knees! Special friends for life!

 My dad and Step-mom planned a trip overlapping with mine, a few miles up the beach from where we were staying, Small world! So we met up and swapped adventures stories over dinner.

Spouting Horn

 Tree Tunnel

Tiffany and I went on a Galentines Snorkel party up the beach, it didn't go well and we ended up sitting on the beach watching old people snorkel and giggling. 

Saturday - Valentines Day
 We had to fly home and had a long layover in Oahu so we got a romantic dinner for 7!

This trip was so fun and perfectly timed. I love to travel with people I love!
Thank you Bonham family for the wonderful experience. I loved every single second of this getaway/escape in paradise!

Monday, February 23, 2015

January 2015

January went by in a quick snow-less blur.

Emma's husband did the best Christmas/Birthday Gift combo. Tickets to Justin Timberlake at the MGM in Las Vegas.

Amanda, Emma, Me 
The 3 of us drove down to party the night away and celebrate Emma's birthday in Style.
That man knows how to dance, right into my heart! 
We got matching shirts to commemorate the fantastic-ness of the night.
For breakfast we ate at Babystacks. AMAZING! New favorite breakfast place to eat!
We stayed in St. George at my dads house for the second night to relax and enjoy some girl time.

We headed back up to Jessica's cabin for round two of fun! 
This is the grand total of all the pictures that were taken. We had delicious food, played lots of games, went sledding and rented snowmobiles.

Whitney and I went to visit Sean, Lauren, and the babies in Arizona

They just make me so happy. This picture cracks me up, real life with kids I guess?
Reagan makes the cutest little faces, Huddy loves to play in the pool and swim. We got a special surprise one morning that someone poured soap in the pool and bubbles were everywhere. Huddy couldn't believe how cool it was! 

I finally got myself a pair of my very own skis! So to celebrate we set up a ski day with friends. 
Heather, Brittany, Jessica, Kassie, Chad, and Me 
 Brighton on a sunny day cant be beat!