Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, Where did the time go??


This year has flown by! 2010 we have had some really good times...and other not so good times (that's right blind dates... I'm looking at you!) I thought it would be fun to take a moment and reflect on some of the high points of this past year before we celebrate its ending in style.

Mom turned 50

Brynn graduated from Nursing school and got a job.
So did Emma, but I don't have a pic :(

Dominated the trails in Moab

Color Festival
who doesn't love inhaling pounds of colorful chalk and having it come out your nose for a week?!

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Lake Powell with my family

Parkinson's fundraiser

Bear Lake with the Barton's

Blue darts in BL with Barton's... yes!

zoo with Brandy and babies

lots of camping.

Lion King came to SLC and we had front row seats

Summer concerts at the park. This was at Big Boi

Had my first visit to the ER and tried some intense pain killers. no fun!

Lake Powell... that makes 4 trips of fun filled adventures.

Oktoberfest Bull ride
(dear Jelissa- PLEASE find your pictures of this moment! I am sad without them)

I turned 24

Utah football games

New York

Visiting Traci

Halloween costume #1



and #4

Harry Potter 7 part 1

Lauren and Sean spending Thanksgiving with us

treats should always be celebrated


Jelissa got her house, someday we will move into it. someday!

Christmas eve and morning with mother

winning this game at dads on Christmas day

This year went by too fast. Those we some good times, hopefully had by all.
I made some new friends, had some really good laughs and made good memories.

2011, you have a lot to live up too.
But as my new calendar states "All the Happiness you can Handle" I think you are off to a good start.

so long 2010, you will be missed!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is so much fun. I just love it!!
 On Christmas Eve we went to dinner at my G-ma & G-pa Fowler's house.
After dinner we came back to mothers for treats and..

our Christmas pj's!

aren't we adorable?!

Whitney and I kept talking about how excited we were to be able to sleep in this year because Sean was with Laurens family and wouldn't be jumping on our beds at 6:30 am again this year.
Whitney and I had a little sleepover. We were up all night giggling like we were 8 years old again so excited to see what Santa was going to bring us! we ended up running in my moms room and jumping on her bed at 7 am!
after all the gifts were torn open and we had downed some aebleskivers (also known as Danish Pancakes), we popped in Christmas Vacation and passed out!

We went to my fathers for dinner and gifts that night. So much fun! they made tasty prime rib and mashed potatoes. We opened out gifts then played the white elephant game. I won a gift card to Barnes & Noble. Then we played LCR (Left Center Right.... its a dice game. Fun!) everyone had to bring 6 dollar bills! we played 2 rounds... Teresa won round 1 and guess who won round 2....
Mike gave Whitney a Kindle

that's right, I am now $36 richer. Go me!
It was between us two.... but we are still tight.
Look at all that green!

after we got home Mike, Whitney, mom and me played Apples to Apples then it was off to bed!

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to celebrate and spend the holiday with! I love you all and hope everyone had a very merry holiday!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Polar Express

on Dec. 4th Paula Bennion decided to continue the tradition of having a Christmas party for all of our friends.
We all got decked out in our finest PJ's and at a delicious meal. Drank some tasty hot chocolate then watched the movie.

Tyler continued the tradition of turtle neck and Santa pin.

While we were watching the movie we got a great surprise when SANTA came bursting through the door.
we all got to sit on his lamp and tell him what we wanted for Christmas, then he gave us our very own bell from his sleigh.
it. was. awesome!

my camera died after this so I didn't get good pictures of everyone. Sorry Trae and Danny! 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Season..

How is it already the holidays?!? I cant believe its already December.
Thanksgiving was magical. We ate dinner at my dads house with MC's family.
the food was sooo yummy and I'm pretty sure that i gained about 30 Ibs over the weekend.

me, whit, Lauren

sweet potatoes

cute oven mitts Sean

getting ready to get the cornbread pudding

Lauren did a wonderful job creating some tasty bread pudding. it was delicious!

this cute little guy was my cuddle buddy for thanksgiving weekend. I know your jealous!

This weekend my sister had her house warming party to show off her newly purchased townhouse. Its really cute, makes me really excited to move out and decorate!
I made my yummy artichoke dip.
get the recipe here.

mmmmm peppermint bark

Greg and Toi Fowler

decked out in Christmas decorations and treats.

RJ, Nicki, Clint, Whitney, and Mike