Monday, June 21, 2010

Again, Again!

This past week has been so GREAT!
The boss was on family vacation this week so I had the whole week off and it was great. Sean and Lauren were out of town and Tank got to hang out with mom and me for the week so it was just magical. We got to hang around all day playing with his toy while watching T.V. (ps.... day time TV is terrible.) and go on plenty of walks. He is such a lazy pup. the first walk he made it the whole mile around the neighborhood, next time about 3/4th before he stopped and would not move until I walked back the way we had already gone. The last walk I attempted to take him on we only got as far as the front yard where he took off into the ivy covering the garden and would not move and inch. it was so funny I had to get a pic because he looked so dang cute!
Whitney and I took him on a real adventure. He got to go to SLCC with me to pick up my english book. Then we stopped to get some delightful lunch. As a special treat for him we stopped at petsmart and get some new bones for him to munch on. He pretty much ate them in about an hour then kept trying to hide his bone all over the house. Funniest thing ever!

He sure loved the car ride!

I got to ditch out on the puppy a little early in the week to go back to
Have I told you how much I love that place? I do so very much! We went down thurs night to sunday afternoon. Always a good time. sitting around on the house boat soaking up the sun and eating lots of yum treats in the company of friends is always great.

We hiked back up to the arch we went to last time,everyone else went cliff jumping, lots of wake surfing and wake boarding,, naps all after noon, Pushed rocks off huge cliffs ( because its fun?) and made Andy's mohawk look really sweet.
Had the best road trip home EVER:
1. Lunch at Arbys in Panguich
2. Soaked up the sun at the hot pots in Fillmore.
 3. Enjoyed a show at a rope swing in Mona.
4. Dinner at Ruby River in Provo
5. Hot tubing at Jelissa's house in Murray
It made the drive so much longer but it really was so much fun. Sadly I sucked at taking pics this entire trip and I didn't get any photos of these magical adventures but I loved every minute of it.

Thanks Katie and Stain!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Spill Canvas

I love this band and finally got the chance to see them live last night! It was amazing. Loved every minute of it. here are a few of my favs that they played last night.
They did not play this one but I love it

Friday, June 4, 2010


Happy Birthday!!
to my sister:
Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you the most, or when I just needed someone to laugh at my pathetic moments with me.
You are the best! Cant believe your 27.
love, me.

To celebrate whitney, mom, and I went to a lovely dinner at Cheesecake Factory (mmmmm..) and got massages from Sanctuary Day Spa. It was so relaxing and greatly needed!

Her giftie.

a handmade necklace from Ritzy Misfit. Don't you love it?

Lovin It...

Lake Powell is the greatest place. It's so much fun to just go and hang out with friends and have a grand time! We had the opportunity to go down and stay on Katie and Stain Reichman's house boat for Memorial weekend. The water was FREEZING cold so jumping in was really hard to do. I did get a little surfing in while we were down there and felt pretty good about it. Most of the time we just sat around being lazy in the warm sunshine and eating everything in sight (and I do mean eve.ry.thing) So delicious! The boys flew kites a lot because it was super windy the first few days we were down there. Went for a little hike to an arch that was really fun to see. Brynn and I did our hair in pretty braids for Andy because he loves them. We laughed the whole time down there and I cant wait to go back!
Here are a few fun pics from the trip

Dear Stain and Katie:
Thank you for letting us come along on the magical trip. It was so much fun. I hope we do it again (soon) :)

love, me