Friday, February 24, 2012

songs that speak to me...

do you ever listen to a song and think "yes! thats exactly how i feel! how did you know!" cause i do all the time. im not all that great at expressing my feelings so i love when i find a song the describes it for me. many times its just one verse, and then there is that great moment when an entire song was like it was meant just for you. 
Florence + The Machine: Shake it Out
this one is my favorite! I couldnt say it any better
"all of these questions, such a mournful sound. tonight im gonna bury that horse in the ground. so i like to keep my issues drawn but its always darkest before the dawn"
"its hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off" 

Taylor Swift featuring the Civil Wars: Safe and Sound
from the hunger games soundtrack
"i remember tear streaming down your face when i said ill never let you go when all those shadows almost killed your light"
Katy Perry: Firework
"after a hurricane comes a rainbow maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road"
Cold Play: Paradise
"still lying underneath the stormy skies she said oh-oh-oh i know the sun's set to rise"
Kelly Clarkson: Stronger 
my new anthem
"what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller"

maybe i like all these because i feel like they are inspiring me to keep looking for the sunrise on the other side of all this darkness that seems to be overwhelming me. or maybe i just like them simply because...
if anyone has any other songs that i might like feel free to suggest! im always looking for something to brighten my mood and if i feel so inclined..DANCE!

Monday, February 20, 2012

sunshine and snow time

happy presidents weekend
i love getting extra long weekend from school. i would have liked to go somewhere but since im a bit poor right now so that didnt happen. i was really lazy this weekend. found out that i have shingles so i have been in oodles of pain and really bad headaches all weekend.
well this morning i decided it was time for a little stress free fun time
{this is my fav pic!}
i finally went out and enjoyed the snow
dusted off my old board and hit the slopes with erin

{images via erin}
it has been SOOOOO long since i have been snowboarding that i was a little nervous.
the first run was a little shaky but i remembered how to do it. i also found out that i am better than i thought it was. only crashed once (but it was hard and knocked the wind out of me!)
didnt do any homework and just had fun!
i miss carefree play time and having money to do it

only 10 months left until i graduate! wish me luck!

Friday, February 17, 2012

happy birthday jan swan

thursday feb 16 was this special ladies bday
{dinner at red rock in murray. naturally she was talking when we took it! :) }
dearest mother
thank you for all the love and support over the past few months! for real could not have made it without you. your such an amazing women and a wonderful example to me. you make me laugh all the time, your "thats what she said" comments never fail to shock me to the core with joy! im so lucky to have you as my mother and friend. you are a rock!
the sweet tooth fairy makes such delish goodies.
cake bites:
red velvet {yes!}, peanut butter {oh my!}, coconut {i didnt try}, strawberry {...meh}
salted carmel { "o" face}

Valentines Cards

My dear friend emma inspired me to be more crafty this v day and make my cards for everyone. it made it so much more fun! and its always nice to see how much they like them!

I used a brand called crate paper, the paper heart collection
dont you think they turned out just great?!

valentines day was just grand. at school we did a valentine exchange and got so many tasty goodies! i love all the girls from school, they are so fun and great! 
went to dinner at texas roadhouse with the roomies and then studied for my test. 
exciting right?!? haha!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

happy V day

even though i dont have someone to snuggle up to and shower me gifts of affection i still am feeling alright about valentines day. in the past i always liked to refer to it as singles awareness day but this year im still feeling the love. I celebrated it this weekend with all the important people i love and are special to me. 
friday night we had girls night out with the bartons. 
so fun!
[image via whitney]
 we started out going to see The Vow
then a delicious dinner at Red Butte Cafe on foothill
and lastly some craft time at Color Me Mine
debbie jan whitney brooke me emilee erin (deedee came to the movie but didnt stay for the rest of the night)
[image via erin]
brynn and I had talked about doing a mothers day outing and taking our moms there so erin and i decided that this would be such a fun way for all of us to get together

LOVED. the movie. the relationship portrayed is so great. siiigh!

saturday i got my valentines craft on. emma is having her usual celebration of love party and we always exchange valentines for each other. emma told me she was making hers so i wanted to be cool and make mine too! 
(these will get a separate post)
my mom wanted to have a valentines treat to munch on over the week so we made chocolate cupcakes and covered them in kisses/sprinkles and more yums.
they. were. so. good!
 I hope everyone has a wonderful valentines day!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Red

I am finally getting around to checking some things of my "25 year list"
drum roll please.....
i am officially signed up for the Little Red Riding Hood 2012- 100 Mile race
{from the little red blog)

some info about the ride: its an all girl ride with the money going towards breast cancer research. there are a limited amount of riders allowed. and they have a costume contest 

i know what some of you are thinking.... and yes. that really does say 100 miles.
but its not until june so that give me plenty of time to "train" and get cozy on this little babe

naturally i do have some concerns such as
i still dont know how to change my own tire (problem? i think so.)
i am seriously out of shape (not really sure when i ever was "in shape" but still...)
i will have to get clip  in shoes and learn how to trust my balance
 i am doubting the fact that there is a pair of padded shorts thick enough to ease my lady parts for this amount of distance. 
among many others.

wish me luck!!