Monday, December 29, 2014

November 2014

I have so much to be thankful for this year. 

Kari, me, Emma, Amanda
Some of the girls were able to get together to celebrate Brynn's birthday. We had dinner at Alamexo in downtown salt lake and slept over at the Sheraton. The next morning we had breakfast at Finn's then took her flowers at the grave {aka the condo!}
Happy Birthday Brynner Babe!

The Black Keys concert with these doll faces. We went cheap and bought upper bowl seats, got upgraded to lower since they didn't sale enough tickets. My friend Krista was working security and hooked us all up to get down on the floor. So we got up close and personal,
It was awesome! They show was awesome and we danced our booty's off.

Bear Lake
Jessica invited all of us up to her family cabin in Bear Lake. We had such a great time!

Her cabin has an awesome view and magical swing on the deck

Megan and Natalie
Building forts and reading books in the "wing-back graveyard"
Playing in the snow and watching movies in a cuddle puddle

Marc, Heather, Megan, me
We played Murder In the Dark until 2 AM and someone might have peed a little {coughRyancough}
Heather, Brittany, Jessica, Krista, Megan
Delish food, good friends, lots of laughs!
listening to these angelic voices serenade me!
The University of Utah vs Arizona game with Stefanie and Jon {not in the pic}, we got soaked and Utah got dominated. But the company was great!

Heather and Brittany threw together a friendsgiving that was simply divine. The food tasted amazing and the company was awesome. Megan had each of us fill out words that described everyone coming to dinner and created pictures for each of us
Brad and Karri created mocktails, we were all obsessed with the Bernie Schweitzer
Me, Devin, Brad, Karrie
Amanda, Ryan, Heather, Jill, Krista, Brittany, Jessica, Raymond
Brian, Kassie, Megan, Bryce, Dave
Amanda and Ray, aren't they adorable?!

Dave and Kassie being goons
Thanksgiving with my family was so fun.  Reagan was dressed up like a little turkey. Whitney brought a craft for all the grandbabies to make, I helped Hudson and he ran around saying "gobble gobble" all night. He is hilarious!

Jessica, me, Brianne, Stefanie
little reunion with the girls from Tahoe {that were not crazy!}

Friday, December 26, 2014

October 2014

October was full of adventures!

Hudson and I went to This Is The Place park to check out the pumpkins, play in the little houses and take a pony ride. 

 Heather, Brittany, Jill, and myself drove through Guardsman Pass before it closed.

 Heather and I went to see Jim Gaffigan. I laughed so hard my face hurt!

Huddy loved the Museum of Curiosity, seeing the dinosaurs, and having lunch with his Grampie. One of his favorite things to do is ride his bike. 

Melinda, Jess, Me, Sassquatch, Brittany
me, Brittany, Jessica
We love running in the laziest race ever! Who dosen't want to promote awareness for Bigfoot? It's as real as he is! Melinda rocked that 1K and took 3rd place. I the Harley Davidson mascot so he came out to support the fun!

 I took Hudson to Gardner Village to play at the witches village. He loved going through all the obstacles, the big slide, and the maze of hay, and bouncing on the huge "pillow". He just didn't like any of the witches around the village.

Emma, me, Amanda, Lauren
 Dinner for Amanda's birthday!

 I got to go to St. George with Brandy and her girls to see Thriller at Tuachan. It was so much fun, I love spending time with her and her cute kiddies!

 We carved pumpkins as a family at my sisters.

 I got to go to Cornbellys and ride a mechanical bull. 
An office in our building threw a big Halloween party for the building.

 Reagan Fowler, born October 29
7.6 lbs 21 inches
 Lauren, Reagan, Hudson, Sean
My brother's wife had their second baby. They are one of my favorite little families. Hudson loves his new little sister so much. He likes to point out her little features and share his chap stick with her. 

 I ordered an awesome costume online but it didn't make it in time for Halloween.  I moved the day after so all my clothes were packed. The only thing I could put together was a cat costume last minute. My sweet costume finally came a week too late! Guess I'm ready for next year!

My niece is pretty dang cute!