Monday, April 11, 2016

Ragnar: Northwest Passage

I ran a Ragnar. 
Something I never thought I would do. 
First, I don't run. I don't like to run. running is not enjoyable. I am the sad person you see half running that looks like they want to die. 
Second, doing 3 runs in a row and not sleep just sounds terrible. 
Third, running!

My  wonderful friends somehow got me to agree to run the Ragnar up in Seattle. We started basically 30 feet away from the border of Canada and ran all the way down the coast to an island (maybe peninsula?)  west of the Seattle, across deception pass bridge. It was beautiful, and despite my hatred of running I actually had a lot of fun. 
Our team was called Jur-Rag-Sic Park, we decorated our car in dino decals and I dressed up at the mascot in my t-rex onsie.
My awesome van 1 at the starting line bright and early friday morning. 
Jed, Ryan, me, Melinda, Brittany, Scott

Leg 1 with no support. 

Ryan, Brittany, Melinda, me, Jed

The whole team at the first major exchange
Ryan, Scott, Dave, Karrie, Brad, Jed, Devin, Melinda, Brittany, me, Jessica and Kim was running

Leg 2, the sunset was amazeballs!

Scott                                                              me

Ryan, Jed, Melinda, Brittany, me

Once we finished our second legs we went to the next major exchange and slept in the gym of the local high school. I have never wanted to hurt someone that snores as much as I did that night! But the shower and shut eye were greatly needed and gave me enough energy for my last leg!

Being runner #2 has its perks, I was finished with my part of the race bright and early and just got to enjoy the sunrise!

The views were so pretty!
We had a mini photo shoot with me in the onsie, cheering on the team. This is what happens when sleep deprivation and running are combined. 

Melinda has a horrible hill climb but it was super pretty

Brittany, Jed, me, Ryan, Scott

Jed and Melinda were the mom and dad of our van. They kept us all in line, made sure we followed the proper safety requirements, and had the best pet names for each other. Ragnar brings people together... or maybe its being trapped in a van for 48 hours ?!

The whole team coming in together across the finish line Saturday afternoon.

The whole team together at the end!
Dave, Kim, Devin, Brad, Jed, Ryan, Scott, me, Karrie, Jessica, Melinda, Brittany

We rode the ferry across to downtown Seattle and spent the next two days exploring the city


rode the ferris wheel above the pier then went to the gum wall

Pikes Market

The Science building and Troll bridge

me, Brittany, Devin, Jed, Scott, Kim, Jessica, Dave

EMP with the Star Wars Exhibit and the top of the Space Needle

We ate lunch at this amazing little place that makes cheese then went back to the airport to fly home. Seattle is a great place!