Monday, August 26, 2013

Ye old days of '47

Here in Utah July 24 is just as big as July 4, so we pretty much celebrate the same way all month long. This year we kept it simple. My uncles church ward has a nice property up by midway with a little lake to play in so we went and hung out with their entire family. It was a little cold at the first but it warmed up enough later to try out the zip lines, canoe, and even make some smore's!


 Brady, Eliza, and Andrew                          Sean, Hudson, and Lauren
 Sean on the zip line.
Lauren and I doubled up but my couldn't figure out how to use my camera after I told her and set it up so we didn't pictures of it!

 Sean, Hudson, Lauren, and myself in all our glory
 Mom                                                                Eliza

I think we even made in back down to SLC to watch some fireworks!

Monday, August 19, 2013

bell canyon

a few weeks ago I went on a mini hike up to bell canyon in sandy to play with my camera and learn how to use it a little better. I think I am slowly getting a little better. I got a lot of really bad shots just trying to get some stuff figured out, but I think a few turned alright. 

 we only went up to the bottom lake less than 1 mile up, It was so pretty. I would like to go back and do the entire hike sometime.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lake Powell and the Bartons

In June I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a whole week with the Barton clan. It was the first time I have been able to spend a large amount of time with the entire family since all the funeral stuff for Brynn ended... 2 years.

They are such a wonderful and strong family. They are so close and so fun to be around. It brightened my heart to get to spend so much time with each of them. 

 cliff jumping
 Brandon showing off his moves
 Daniel and I on the tube
 Daniel, Brandon, Jeffery
 The only pic of me the entire trip.                                                               Jeffery

 Jeff                                                                      Erin
 Michael and Daniel
 Nutella facial hair party
Ashley, Anna, Erin, Andrew, John
 Michael, Sam, Nate, Andrew
 Erin, James, John
 Andrew, Matt, Ashley, Ali, Sam, James, Debbie, Susie, Jason, Jeff, Jeffery, Michael, John, Dave, Emily, Erin, Michael, Me, Nate, Anna

This trip was so fun. All the boys finally talked to me instead of just looking at me like a weirdo! Micheal left on his mission a few weeks after the trip and Sam is getting ready to leave in Aug. I cant believe they are getting so old!!