Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I know. I have been vomiting for hours at this point and was super drugged but still manage to look so....lovely!

So last night was a new experience for me.
I got to spend a little time as a patient in the ER and the new hospital in Murray. :(

Over the past few years I have randomly gotten these really awful stomach pains that make me (as to not want to share toooo much detail or sicken anyone) spend the entire night on my bathroom floor as close to a toilet as I can get for about 12 hours of horrid pain. When I would talk to my doctor about it the day after she would say "all the symptoms sounds like food poisoning". But come on,
who gets food poisoning THAT often?!
Well last night was much worse and much more throwing up then ever..... So my mom took to me the ER for the first time I can ever remember. Luckily we didn't have to wait long before I was taken back and throwing up while the nurse tried to ask me questions. Then was stripped down into a lovely gown and plopped into a bed. After they drew some blood for tests I immediately had an IV in the other arm and felt the sweet sweet tingle of heavy duty pain killers rushing through me.

Everything from this point on is NOT to clear (those drugs worked wonderfully!) but I did have to get a ultrasound to make sure nothing was wrong and when the doc walked in her proclaimed "unfortunately your gallbladder is fine. Too bad, I really wanted to take it out!"
I laughed.

So by 1:00 AM I was finally home in my own little bed passed out from painkillers and not throwing up anymore. glorious! But now I am going to have to go to a GI specialist and let him do all sorts of really "fun" tests to see what it wrong with my belly and how to fix it.

 sad face:(

thank you for taking care of me. I love you!

brynn (and barton family):
thank you for coming to visit and your prayers. Love you!

thank you for the love and concern you sent my way.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

out with a bang

Summer is over!
I am not ready for this.
Tonight is not really a school night.
I do not have to wake up and go to class and take notes.

At least the weekend was fun and summer went out with a bang! It all started Thursday night (sisters night) at the twilight concert dancing to Chromeo and Big Boi.
best concert of the season!!

Erin. Whitney. me. Brynn. Emily

It was Erin's 20th Birthday on Friday, the 20th, and the Barton's celebrated in style.
Dinner at the Olive Garden then skating at Classic Skating.

We dressed up, and it looked good.

Saturday morning Brynn and I helped out at a lemonade stand for the MS Society.

just like when we were little!

That night was Jason Sorensons wedding and  I was so mad I left my camera in the car! grr! They had the reception at Log Haven in Millcreek canyon. So beautiful and fun. Only 3 of the fellas I spent my childhood with are left, the rest are married. SO WEIRD!!

Happy back to school everyone!
( I just cried a little inside saying that)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

must see

If you get a chance to see this while it is here in Utah you MUST!
I got to see it tonight and it was
The costumes are so detailed and colorful. The only word I can say is amazing. All the colors, the music, a giant elephant walking past you down the aisle. oh my..... amazing!
click here for ticket information

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Burrrrr Lake

This weekend I went to Bear Lake with the Barton Family. It has been so long since I have been up there and I loved it so much. I want to go again!
Erin and her bf Zach, Jeffery and his friend Jackson and Brynn and I drove up Thursday night and had a blast camping at the KOA.
Setting up the tent. Everyone was realllly helpful!
We rented a surrey with the fringe on top to pedal to dinner. Brynn was loving it.
So much work but well worth it.
after a wild game of mini golf (yes it was free at the campsite) we made smore's
we also had a lot of fun with Brynn's magical flash light and my camera.
Not our proudest moment but yes, yes we did attempt a blue dart. Also I was stepping on her stomach to get something out! haha so wrong but soooo funny.

Jeff and Debbie came up the next day and the brought Hunter and Noah with them to play! They are the cutest little boys. And we finally got to go boating!! The water was freezing and the air was not a whole lot warmer. But it was still so great.
we had a minor accident involving Jeff's finger getting crushed/punchered while launching the boat. RN Brynn got to bandage him up. It was scary I felt so bad. He had to get a few stitches and the numbed it up pretty good for him at the medical station up there.
This pic is magical for many reasons (Erin having sunflower seeds as front teeth for one.... ) But I just LOVE how beautiful it is up there. Look at the water!!!

I had to cut the trip short and come home early for the
Swan Family Reunion.
(I sware my family had more reunions then anyone else. How is it possible we have one every summer?!)
My aunts family has a cabin up Spanish Fork canyon on a massive chunk of land.
I got up there a little late because I drove straight from Bear Lake to there so I missed out on all the "fun" crafts. But...I made it in time for dinner. Yummy!

Some of the little ones (3-4 year old) decided to make mud and start a little fight with my cousin Chase who is the same age as me. He had to help hose them off after!
Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I have never seen such a TAN baby in my life but you cant help but love her and those cheeks!
Since so few of the family made it to my mothers 50th surprise party Whit and I had, my aunts decided to redo the roast they prepared and changed around some of the jokes. I couldn't stop laughing at my aunt Kris (right) and her boobs! They really do hang low!
It was the second night of the meteor shower so Chase, Sean & Lauren, and myself slept out on the deck so we could watch it. We didn't really see much but it was a little chilly! I had 2 sleeping bags and slept like a dream!
The next morning everyone looking so happy!
I got to shoot some big guns for the first time!
bad idea..... it was really fun and I was Terrible. Couldn't hit a thing. But I still loved it.
Greg got in on the action shooting...
and "pulling" the pigeons (?? is that right??)
Sean and Lauren with the shotguns.
Lauren got one on the first try. Sean was sooo jealous! It took him forever to get one.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something Good...

Today was a little fundraiser that Peerless Beauty Supply did to rise a little money for the
They have been gathering donations in all the stores and from all the sales reps since the beginning of June.
There was a 5K walk/run at the Jordan Parkway, a delightful lunch from Sugar House BBQ. A raffle for prizes like $100 worth of hair products, A gift card for a free massage from Massage Envy, and a $50 cut and color from my amazing/talented sister Whitney. The little ones could even get their faces painted! did Whitney and I
It was so much fun to come out and show a little love and support for my Uncle who we did this all for!
Greg Fowler.
He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 15 years ago.

We were able to raise $6,000 to donate to help research!!

If anyone is interested in learning more about Parkinson's or wants to donate go to link above!