Friday, June 7, 2013


I cant believe that its already 2 years ago that we lost this beautiful girl
Brynn Barton Nov 8 1986- June 7 2011

there are so many things about her that i will always miss about her. 
her little giggle that sounds like winnie the pooh (she hated that we called it that!)
adding her name into everything
how much she seriously loved karaoke
celebrating an entire birthday week
talking to her about my dating woes
knowing exactly what each other is thinking without a word
laughing until we cried and couldnt breathe

 "goodbye may seem forever, farewell is like the end. 
but in my heart is a memory and there you'll always be"

 sometimes i still miss her so much it hurts. i know she is still around, that whenever one of us needs her she is there. I just wish I could see her and hear her laugh.

Breast Friends Forever