Saturday, July 17, 2010

A grand time...

July has been so much fun!! on the 2nd I went to Raging Waters with Brynn, Emily & Brandon, Chase & Kasey. Have not been there for ages and it was so fun!
Celebrated Independence day at hobble creek with the provo boys.
And lastly off to Lake Powell for my 3rd trip this summer!

For Christmas my dad gave us a trip to LP for the fam and I was soo excited! We finally got our Christmas present last weekend. Bullfrog is cool, it has to many canyons and I love to look at them! Brynn was supposed to be my date on the trip but her and Jelissa missed their connecting flight home from Canada so I ended up driving down on my own because everyone else had left Friday afternoon. A 4 hour drive all alone is sooooo not fun! I was a little hyper when I finally got to the house boat.

here are a few of the beauty shots that me and Whitney took. Sorry... there might be alot!
Whitney and I

Mike spear hunting

Rick really caught this fish. It was impressive!

It was poring on Saturday morning when we were leaving the marina.

Whit and Mike

Our first camping spot.

were all loving the sweet rental boat.
Mike, Rick, Lance, Catherine, Me

whit rocking the wake board

Rick hurt his back, so I "tortured" him to help make him be able to move.
He cried like a little girl!

tube war = mike and I killing each other to win.

Not even a joke- someone drove their nice boat right onto this rock in the middle of the channel! We couldn't believe it.

Enjoying a bumpy boat ride to Rainbow Bridge


Rainbow Bridge
classic jumping photo because they are the best to look at!!

This trip was so much fun! Thank you Dad and MC for taking us. Sean and Lauren we missed you!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekend fun...

So I know that I am musically challenged. But I'm SOOOO excited for the
Twilight Summer Concert Series to begin!!
click here to see all the great bands that will be playing.

So much fun to relax on warm summer nights listening to music with hundreds of your new best friends!

(looks like its time for a little music education on my part so I can sing along....)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Marshmallow's are the greatest. Especially when they are GIANT marshmallow's smashed between some melted chocolate and a full gram cracker. mmmmmm!
I went up to Millcreek canyon with Whitney, Mike, Emilee, Brandon and Headmen.
We roasted hot dogs for dinner, wrapped them in dough and made Pigs in a Blanket
(so tasty)

Then we got to the good part....... the SMORES!!
My mom found these mallows at Harmon's that are about the size of a softball. we had to use an entire gram so we didn't lose half the mallow when it squished. But they are messy! I had it all over my hands and face.

I was in heaven.

The next night we went to Taylorsville Dayzz and enjoyed the fireworks! They do a great show complete with Neil Diamond jamming in the background. It really was so much fun.