Sunday, October 31, 2010

all hallows eve...

Happy Halloween!!!!
well this was a year of many costumes...
just remember when admiring all my many looks from the past week, it is MY REAL HAIR! No wigs up in this place.

The celebrations started with a party at Dawns.
She has a party every year and her house is turned upside down with cobwebs and yummy treats like witches finer cookies and doughnuts eyeballs

Lady Gaga, Avatar, Russel Brandt and Katie Perry (not in pics) and the Jabberwocky (no one knows what that is from Alice in Wonderland so for all purposes I was a dragon, boo)

Tuesday For work we did an Alice in Wonderland theme because he wanted to be the mad hatter and Tuesday was the day he could get the costume rented.

I think I did a grand job looking just like the red queen.

Tweedledee & Tweedledum (Ashley and Katie), the white queen (Joyce), the knave of hearts (Dr. Blake maxfield) mad hatter (Dr. Norm maxfield) white rabbit (Jan) red queen (me) Alice (Frances) Cheshire  cat (Jodi)

to show off our costumes they took us to the cheesecake factory. we got sooo many weird looks from everyone there.

Friday was my dad annual Halloween party. This year theme's was HARRY POTTER!

the whole gang showed up... even the fat lady in the painting.
please notice my dad in the group shot on the left funny!

brynn and I with our hot dates.

 we love jumping shots. pretty sure we spent a whole 20 minutes taking these beauties, enjoy.
luna, bellatrix, prof. trelawney, myrtle

my hair.

he who must not be named, nimbus 2000 and bellatrix

continuous shot on the camera always make for great fun!

Saturday night was the party hunt with all the friends.
always disappointing but still fun when you are with good friends who make you laugh.
I was wonder women.

jelissa was Malibu barbie (or something..)
Andy and Jacki were punk rockers.
meet Marielle. she is from the Netherlands doing a study abroad for med school here in Utah. this was her first Halloween. not too sure we showed her the best example of it but she said she had alot of fun.

tonight we will hopefully be watching Rocky Horror Picture Show. jelissa and i decided that since we have not ever see the movie (except for one time we tried to go to the show downtown on Halloween and it turned....interesting) and since glee did an episode this week, it was time.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Monday, October 18, 2010

fall breeeeak...

this year for beautiful fall break Brynn and I went to visit our old roomie Traci and her hubster Steve in NYC. It was so much fun!
Our first night we went on a bike ride to see the Brooklyn Bridge while we enjoyed some tasty pizza from Grimaldi's Pizzeria. There was a line of people waiting to get pizza its that yummy.

They only have 2 bikes so we had to pump each other. Poor Jamie had to take me there so Traci gave him a break and took me back to the house. The pizza and view were completely worth it!

Thursday morning we got busy and went into the city to start with the Empire State Building. Since we missed the stop we were supposed to get off on we walked through Central Park then headed down 5th Ave to check out the SHOPPING!!!!! After drooling over everything we saw in H&M we finally got there around 3:30.

We had perfect timing! It had been cloudy all day but after we checked out the view got in the elevator and walked out of the building.... it started raining!

Traci met up with us in Times Square where we went to Carmines to warm up and get a tasty meal. Jelissa told us it was her fav so we had to try it out! After we hopped back on the subway and went to a little place called The Bourgeois Pig for a tasty chocolate fondue dessert! 

Friday morning we woke up early and got moving. First we hit up the Today Show because Brynn HAD to get on TV!! One goal she had for the trip, so we made it happen. Standing Outside smashing against "cigar guy" we accomplished her dream. If you watch the whole show you can see us (more her) when they show him in the crowd (we had no clue who he was at the time) and while they are outside interviewing Cheryl Hines. just look at the people in the back and you will see her, famous Brynn!

After we tried to get standby tickets for Jimmy Fallon (which would have been a.mazing!) but no luck. We grabbed our tickets to Mamma Mia for that night then zipped to downtown Manhattan to the World Trade Center Visitor Center. Saddest thing ever! Made me want to cry.

After grabbing lunch at a little deli and enjoying a black & white cookie (not sure how I felt about the cookie...) we HAD to do a little more shopping!! While searching through many beauties I found this beauty of a sweater. my new friend Merl the Squirrel! Yes... the tail is made of real fur, I know your jealous. No, I didn't buy it.

Fun Story- we walked out of the Rockefeller center to a backside view of this manly naked statue. Naturally we were the only ones posing on this side! I was sprawled out on the ground to get the shot of Brynn poking him with the umbrella. We started walking away when a little asian man and his friend ran up to us as happy as anyone could be. After nodding and smiling at them having no idea what they are saying for about 5 minutes and exchanging thumbs up multiple times, we figured out that he had taken a pic of me while I was on the ground and he wanted to get more so they made us pose for them.

this is super zoomed but LOOK at how happy this friend is that's creeping over his shoulder, and note the man on the right also taking my picture. I'm famous!

Traci and Steve met up with us and went to dinner at Roxy's Delicatessen in times square. we each split the hot pastrami sandwich, look at that thing! That is only half and its still the size of my head.
Us girls headed down the street to watch Mamma Mia (my first official Broadway show.) Hate to say it but we were slightly disappointed. The play itself was great... but the leads fell short. We wanted them to belt the songs out and it was weak, but we still had fun!

Saturday Traci made homemade waffles & syrup for us to enjoy a high quality breakfast. We did A LOT of shopping while we were there. H&M was our fav hot spot but Traci took us down to Canal Street to check out cheapies then over to Soho for some good deals. I think by that point we were pooped out and had no money left so we went back to her place for some re-grouping and prepped to go to the show Traci raved about since we walked in her front door.  

we went out to dinner at a Thai place down the street from her abode in Brooklyn called Joya. Delicious! Jamie Robinson is rooming with them in the basement so he came along for dinner with us then attempted to take us to a little ice cream shop but it was all closed up for the season. So we headed off to the show. it was...... interesting. I did laugh alot but it was a different show. Think Sesame Street for grown-ups. I know what your are thinking because I felt the same way "WTF why would you want to see that?!?" but I give her credit, it was funny.

We had to fly out super early so we had to pack up when we got home and go to bed.

It was so much fun to see Traci and Steve again! How I have missed them.
Thanks for letting us shack up on your floor for a few days!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


in honor of the magical date 10-10-10
jelissa, Brynn, and I made a yummy breakfast of pumpkin wheat pancakes and waffles with a tasty apple cinnamon syrup.
so YUM!

My camera phone doesn't take the best pics, but Brynn was so happy to be helping!!

Thanks for letting us invade you kitchen jelissa.

Since its also a sunday I thought this would be really fun to look at.
"This is a story about John Chen, a man I taught and saw get baptized in Boston. I'm glad to see the blessings of the gospel take effect in the lives of the people I taught while serving the Lord. As difficult and "un"-fun as it was, this makes it worth it. The gospel has changed my life." -Sean Fowler

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its that time again.....

I am so happy that my favorite TV shows are back on.
The past few weeks have been so great.
Glee did a episode on Britney Spears that was hilarious! Its a must watch.
Modern Family has yet to disappoint. Last week episode was The Kiss and I about died laughing at this comment: "I thought you were a lesbian, look at your shoes!"

Dexter is a new love of mine. I am only on season 3 and its starting season 5 but I have to wait until I have a break from school to start it because its all I will want to do.

Oh I  love the fall season.
shout out to Mr. Trae Sadler on his b-day today!

New York... here I come! Traci I hope you are excited to see us.