Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 wrap up

Apparently I been having too much fun to blog...  
{at least that is what I will pretend has been going on as an excuse for not posting about happenings during this busy season of fun fun fun!} 
So here is a quickie rundown of the latest and greatest in my little life:

The annual Fowler Halloween party

 I was finally Wonder Woman for halloween

 Brynns Birthday Bash in St. George with the Emma & Amanda

 Ill just take fabulous pictures of both of you while I'm ugly over here...

If you didn't know, I'm pretty bad-A

We ate lots of yummy food, celebrated the birth of brynn {she would have been 27 this year} and danced in honor of her. As you can tell we hiked, finally tried The Swig (not as great as everyone says),  sat in the sun, downed some delish Neilsons Frozen Yogurt, has breakfast at the Bear Paw. The only way this trip could have been  better was if brynn had actually been there with us. 


as always, I ate too much.

Other joys of November: Tim got married, I found out I'm getting another nephew from my step-sister Catherine, and friend Monica is engaged {b t w this all happened on the same day}

Holy Jolly Christmas
I saw the lights, had the best hot chocolate from Hatches, babysat Hudson and took a million pictures, partied with friends in PJ's, opened presents and...

 this picture explains so much about our family

 a tree exploding with gifts that I got extra creative with the wrapping
chalkboard art is very hard {at least for me}

 Christmas jammies are our favorite


 everyone else gets pictures as couples, I hi-jack sister so I dont have to be alone.

After Christmas Tiffany and I have a sudden and quick trip to San Diego
{all the pictures are on my phone, and I cant get them to load.... so..... yeah.... find my instagram? I'm working on it.}

Dear 2013-
Its been real, you treated this girl right. 
Helped me check off some major life goals {timp, skydiving, got a job}.
Made some new friends, Got closer to some old ones.
You were my "YES" year and helped me become more of the person I want to be.

Dear 2014-
I have no resolutions or expectations.
I will not hold myself back in life or in love, I will say "YES!".
This will be MY year... and it will be spectacular!

{Im sorry this was such a long post}