Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins and a Murder

Carving pumpkins

 Mike and Brandon

 Emilee and Whitney

 whit, me, and my pumpkin

Mike and Brandon

 shawn, savon, sarah, travis, mike, whit, me
 shawn, travis, mike

This year for the annual Fowler Halloween party whitney and myself were in charge. so we planned a 
Murder Mystery Party!!!
it. was. SO. fun! everyone played their characters really well and seemed have a great time. the food was delicious and the costumes were fab. 

catherine and lance                                                  whitney and mike

 me (mermaid) and hudson                                      sean and lauren

 lance and i were killed so we had to figure out who dun it! 

 all the girls: maryanne, mc, teresa, whit, sue, catherine and lauren.
{dont worry.....they didnt wait for me and my costume change i had to make, rude! }
 whit and me (in my new costume!)                          dad and hudson, so cute! 

 mike and rick

they were many shady deals afoot including multiple murders and magic spells


Teresa made the most money
Mike had the best costume
MC was the best performer
Risk was the only charter to solve the murder

great job everyone! it was a blast. cant wait until next year!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 months to go!

2 months until i graduate from dental hygiene school
two. months. people!
its gone by so fast but December 17th will not come soon enough. until then i will continue to be a stressed out/psychotic/basket case mess. pretty sure i cry at least 2-3 times a week due to stress and frustration from finding patients or about not having a patient for boards, about how much i should be studying, and praying that i will pass all my boards tests. yikes!

on the brighter side.... i got some pictures taken for my graduation announcements!

jaci stoddard is amaze-balls! i love her work. to see more of her fab styles {and pretty pics of this old gal} go here. she was so fun, i was afraid i would feel awkward having her just snappin away but she made me laugh and had a great time! 

pray for me to survive the next 8 weeks!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dirty Hygienist

On September 22 we did the dirty dash once again!
this year i was able to get some of the girls from school to join in on the fun with me.
we started at 8:00am, it was freezing! i will recommend doing it at a much later time next year...or possibly in the spring!

the back of our shirts
{ i may be biased, but i think they are pretty dang cute! }

 me, stephanie fish, jill ward, lindsey primm

it was a 10k, go us! that early and that long for a bunch of hygiene students who sit on their butts all day is pretty impressive i think
{images via Flo-Foto}

 just looking like a total babe.....covered in muddy mud

 made it to the finish line without freezing to death!

 i cant resist a good power jump pic

after we finished a girl walked up to us with bag of color and told us to go hog wild {ok, so she didn't say it exactly like that.... but it just fits!}. the photographers wanted more pictures of us after. fish's teeth are great!
this wins as my favorite pic from the event. 

girls: thanks for being champs and braving it through the 35 degree butt crack of dawn morning! love you guys
get ready friends, im making you all do it with me next year { in the warm, sunny, afternoon}