Saturday, March 24, 2012

big BIG news

Guess what.....................

I am going to be a aunt!!!!
 my brother and his wife lauren are going to have an adorable little baby 
I am so excited, as soon as i found out the sex i ran and got him these adorable little vans.
this child will be SOOOO spoiled!
 Hudson Barry Fowler is due in September
{if we are lucky she will have him on my birthday!!!}

Sunday, March 11, 2012

pillow talk

we all have our little things that cheer us up when we are feeling down a bit. 
i dont know if mine comes from watching all those old movies with my mom growing up, but when im sick or having a bad day i love to watch "pillow talk" with doris day and rock hudson.
such a scandal for the time!! 
this is one of my favorite scenes. nothing more romantic than singing about a fat man!

if you have never seen it, then you must! if you have, you know its great. 
another goodie is "that touch of mink"