Tuesday, March 29, 2011

J-zizzle B-dizzle

Happy Birthday Jelissa!

Welcome to the life of 24....its not as great as it seems!
haha just kidding, we will make it fun.
Sorry I didnt take very many pictures, my bad.

Dinner at Red Rock with the fam and friends was tasty and fun.
The house looked amazing and so did you.
sorry your only pic is frantically taken with your cake.

Birthday breakfast at Finns with Josh, Jelissa, Brynn, and Me.

Then we had some fun at Gateway Mall...sliding down the rails.
how old are we again?1 oh right......24

We got really creative with her gift this year. 
it was really random but very fun!

"birthday girl "tis time to 
although we might have to move the 
Birthday clues are so much fun,
around the house you will have to run!"

"we will help to stretch in order to WIN...
but you might have to stop all the BAKIN"

"getting flexible is the clue,
the next thing comes in many hues,
unfortunately these will never get used!"

"of all the things that'll give you pleasure,
this next thing you'll truly treasure.
find this thing where we would measure
(how fat we are)"

"BFF's have lots of fun,
write about it when we are done"

"brynns are big and mals are small,
we just hope that your's dont fall.
In the cups of many sizes is where
you'll find your next prize(s)"

"wonder bras are so much fun.....
but I wonder where you will put your homework when you are done?
In the place where are ideas are made,
is were your next gift is laid"

(it was a stretch we know!)

"I wonder where you shall go next next,
the idea of distance has never made you fret."
(edited for ...reasons.. but she found it in the shower!)
use your imagination

"movie time is always fun.
although your bed is nicely made,
THIS is where you should really get laid"

Hope you had as much fun as we did!

Together we make the greatest poet that ever lived.
we give the gift that keeps on......gived?

Monday, March 28, 2011

St. Gezzy Bezzy

For Spring break this year we kept it low key, Headed down to St. George to get some sunshine and fun..... we got the fun part right!
Brynn had worked to night shifts in a row and we left to drive down wed. morning while she crashed in the back seat, lucky for me that meant I got to drive her lovely new set of wheels all weekend! it was great.
Erin Barton came down with us and helped give us some really good laughs along the way. 
We stayed at my dads house down there and had the place all the ourselves. 
We ran inside to throw our bags down, Slipped into some super soft robes, turned on some classy tunes (Frank Sinatra rocked our world all weekend...we could get the ipod dock to work!) and ran out into the sun and "warm" weather.

For some reason, Brynn and I have the habit of getting Erin to do some pretty ridiculous stuff. This particular time she jumped into the freezing cold pool... in the bright sunlight.... with people around.....Naked!
It might not sound very fun, but it was! I got a picture of it(she looks like she is walking on water but I am not allowed to show it to anyone :( )

For dinner we went to the BEST Mexican food in town, Don Pedro's

Then got Cold Stone Ice Cream after. we ate a lot of treats on the trip!
And to relax before bed we took a relaxing dip in the hot tub and gazed at the pretty stars.

Day 2: I woke up at 1o...... Brynn and Erin woke up around 11:30....ish. 
We attempted to go on a sweet hike in Snow Canyon but forgot our wallets to pay the toll, so  instead we made our own very special route to get to Dixie Rock. (And when I say special it means we parked in the wrong parking lot because we had no clue where we were going and walked in from the back!)
Don't we look nice! The middle one is my favorite.

For dinner we went to Benjas.
Then after we played a few wild rounds a janga.

Day 3: Viva Las Vegas.
We got another late start because whats the point of waking up early on vacation?
We met up with Danny White and ate lunch at Sammy's Wood fire Pizza.
Then it was time to shop to our hearts desire, oh H&M I love you!

we did our makeup in the MAC store so we were looking good, then had a magical dinner at Planet Hollywood. Erin got punched by Rocky! 

The next morning we had to get up bright and early to drive home through rain and snow for jelissa's birthday party. 

Dear father-
thanks for letting us stay at the house! it was magical.
Love you!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday Brother

My dear brother Sean turned 26 on March 18 
(I know I am a little late!)
He and cute wife Lauren came up and spent the weekend in Park City. We came up and spent some time celebrating with them.

Friday night the whole fam dam drove up for dinner at Red Rock in park city

after din we tried to get a Carmel apple from the chocolate factory but they were closed, sad.  so went back to the condo for some fun and games. I borrowed Brynn's Quelf game (if you have not played you are truly missing out!) and we laughed till we cried. My mother is a crazy lady. 
After the game we had a lovely dip in the hot tub, tank was a little jealous and wanted to jump in. Since it was about 1 am we went to bed after.....we each got out own beds. Nice! Tank decided that the end of my bed would be a nice spot to snore the night away......very loudly I might add! 
Saturday we Lauren made some yummy breakfast sandwiches. Finally got birthday boy in Carmel apple and went shopping at the J.Crew outlet and found a few lovelies. My dad and MC came up and took us to Adolph's for dinner. REALLY yummy and the carrot cake was amazing, if you ever go try it out. 
Dear Brother-
It was fun hanging out with you for the weekend. Wish we got to do it more but sadly you got an awesome job in Vegas and will be moving farther away. And even though we teased you alot about being an "old" man and that bald spot that's getting a little bigger each time I see, Its all out of love!
Thanks for all your support in everything, especially the phone calls everyday after my interview asking if I had gotten accepted yet because you were more nervous than I was. you are great.
I love you big bro!
Happy Birthday!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Dearest H&M, 
please come to salt lake so I can enjoy your beauty all the time.



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Les Miserables

I love going to the theatre. Its amazing to me,
needless to say, I don't get to go enough.
It makes me wish I could sing.
I love it so much, I even went to Wicked all by my lonesome because there was only 1 ticket (front row) and I couldn't pass it up. 

Les Miserables is coming to capitol theatre in may/june and

so until then, Here is my favorite song from it.