Monday, June 30, 2014


The day after I got home from Moab I jumped on another (slightly bigger) flight to HAWAII!
 I had a week off of work since my boss was going to be in Portland for his sons wedding and decided what better way to spend a week of freedom than visiting a gal pal in Hawaii with a free place to stay! My first night there was pretty much rental car hell, the most beautiful drive ever, dinner then bed! 

The next morning I woke up before the sun (stupid time change) got some breakfast and went down to hang out at turtle beach to relax!
 The water was so pretty!
only downside of visiting someone while they are in school, they go to class and you hang out alone all day. Its a good thing I know how to entertain myself!

 since my white bod had not seen the sun in months I took it easy on day one. lots of sunscreen and went back to the house to enjoy a little reading and the magical view off her deck. Could you even imagine waking up to this everyday?!

Wednesday Andria skipped class and did homework on the beach while I snorkeled with little fish and read on the beach. That night I had a date with a handsome fella I met on my flight in who was there on air force duty 
{let to drooling commence, why cant I find guys like this to date for reals?!?}
Thursday morning I went to Pearl Harbor and ran into my date from the night before. So we hung out again, which was delightful. He caught a flight home afterwards while I went...
 to the Dole Pineapple Plantation!
The place smelled amazing, and tasted even better!
 this dole whip officially rocked my world. this place has a maze, a magical little train, and tours of plantation. If I had not been there alone with the families looking at me weird I would have spent a whole lot longer there.
 Thursday night Andria and I went to the temple which was magical.
Friday we hung out at Lanikai beach. SO beautiful! Got some delish lunch and went to a movie with her friends.

Saturday we hiked to a lighthouse with a breathtaking view

seriously this place is so pretty everywhere you look!
On Sunday everything in Laie is closed since its owned by the church.  So after going to church I packed up and stopped at the valley of temples.
{seeing that it was memorial day I figured it was fitting since its a cemetery}
 just like everything else, it was beautiful!

I arrived back bright and early monday morning and took a lei to Brynn at her grave.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Moab 2014

this May consisted of what I like to refer to as my trip extravaganza! 
3 trips. 1 month. awesome.
Every spring we take a family trip with my dad to Moab. Its some quality family bonding time. Because of the amount of vacation time I had coming up I didn't want to take some extra days off work so I flew down Thursday on this sweet little baby

it was a fun quick up and down!
We were supposed to go out on a trail directly from the airport but Todd had gotten in a car accident so the boys were fixing his rig for pretty much the entire day. 

The little babes are offically obsessed with cars and already trying to drive.

 Dad and Jon Hagerman driving up hells gate. It was a bit scary! 

This is my dad, looking like a giddy 12 year old with the crowd cheering him on after making it up the rock. 

 Sean and Lauren just being adorable
Below is Todd trying to make it up escalator on Hells Revenge, Rickie made it to the top in a jiff!
 MC stayed back at the house so we rode in the bumble bee with dad

The usual craziness of attacking Todds rig every trip. It got a little out of hand this year but no permanent damage!

 Lance loved his fancy balloons

 Subaru Steve got a little frisky with a giant sunflower... Matt helped

 waterproof paint all over the trailer

 window paint and extra special "balloons"

 Just lil' old me tearing it up on Kane Creek!

 Rickie got a flat tire and had to keep stopping to fill it up with air

Sean working it for the camera during the lunch break. The boys making it up the big hill at the end of the trail, always takes a little while to make it over this part.

Me and Huddy getting ready to dig in at our favorite place to eat, Pasta Jays

 The before and after affects of the delishness that is Pasta Jays alfredo.  Grayson kills me in the back of this pic! Such a happy babe right there.

 The next day on our way our of town we stopped for a little hike Jon had told us about
 it was a pretty little swimming spot before we even really hit the trail.

I rode home with Sean and Lauren so that I could pack for my next trip. Huddy made the best little rode trip buddy a girl could ask for. He even insisted on holding my hand for most the of the drive. This kid just melts my cold little heart!