Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hudson's first Par-Tee

Hudson always carries around golf balls or his little plastic set of golf clubs. So naturally for his birthday is mom decided to do a golf theme. It was SOOO cute!

 everyone dressed in their best golf attire
 me, dad, and MC
 Cake pops that look like golf balls in multiple flavors
 she put up little flags to mark "holes" and golf bags all over the yard
 Grayson, Rick, Maryann
 the Smiths
 Whit and Maryann
 Grandma and Grandpa Fowler

 blowing out his candles
I took a million pictures of him loving that cake, was not so sure about everyone watching him!
 the damage and his proud papa

 Four generations of Fowler men

 even Tank had fun with the balloons!

Happy 1st Birthday little Huddy Bear! Love you with all my heart.


Hudson and I, the Birthday babes
 For my birthday this year we did a movie in our backyard and popcorn bar. It turned out so fun! My friends that came are fantastic and Im sad I didnt get pictures with every single person. Even Jude wished me happy birthday and gave me a kiss {again, sad I slacked on my picture taking}

 Kari, Emma, Me
Lauren and Hudson
Hudson was running around in his little 12month onsie and looking like a total babe.

We found so tasty popcorn flavors to try out and most of them turned out great! we had regular movie theater with butter & salt, Caramel, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Margarita, and Garlic Parmesan {wasnt my favorite}. While everyone watched Top Gun I was stuffing myself with popcorn and mexican coke and saying to all these sweeties who came to celebrate!

 Erin and I
 Ty made me an awesome hat with Malapalooza written on it.
 Sean, Whitney, Me, Lauren
the siblings
 Emma, me, Katie, Kari
some of my ladies
 Magen and Krista
 Emma made her amazing chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. I ate at least 3.
 Brittany and Jessica
 My mother and I dont look alike at all
 Brandon and Trae
Cam, Sean, and their friend who's name I cant remember {oops!}

So far 27 has been great and the celebrations have only just started!
Thanks to everyone who came/tried to come to my party and all the birthday texts and phone calls. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

hellooo twenty seven

I cant believe its already birth month!
last year I got the greatest gift ever for my birthday

 this little nephew of mine is the funniest kid ever, and picked the greatest day of the year to be born...MY BIRTHDAY!
That's right. September 6 is the most magical day to have a birthday!
I cant believe he is already going to be a 1 year old. It has been so much fun watching his wacky little personality blossom. As you can tell from the pictures he makes crazy faces, looks bald but there is actually fine blond hair on that head, and is my favorite cuddle buddy (besides tank). He grunts a million noises, doesn't hold still, tank (the bulldog) is his best friend, and really doesn't like anything on his head or face. also, I probably take way too many pictures of him...sorry!

highlites of being 26 include:
Hudson born on my birthday
graduated from dental hygiene school
another nephew, Grayson, was born 
Bears game in Arizona
finally passed all my boards and became an Registered dental hygienist
cruise with whitney, cave tubing in Belize, beach in Honduras
superbowl in New Orleans
my new camera
2nd annual thanksgiving point 5K
Kat & Emma's oscar party
got a job that i seriously L-O-V-E
Moab with my dad
Lake powell with the bartons
hiking Mt. Timp (to the tippy top!)
Making my brynn quilt
Bear Lake with friends
shark week
natural water slides in alpine

it has been a very busy year. {details to come on some of the above mentioned functions)
lots of weddings and babies...none of my own! 

cheers to 27 being even better! let the birthday extravaganza begin

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Night hike on Mt. Timp

 in early August i had the great opportunity to hike mt. timpanogas with about 30 friends from my singles ward. we started the 15 mile round trip hike at midnight. made it to the meadow around 3:00am and relaxed for an hour. reached the summit at about 6:15am just in time to watch the sunrise at 6:25am. we were back at the cars around 10:30am.

 since it was so dark on the way up it was fun to see all the bobbing lights of everyone going along the trail. we could see heber on one side, and utah county on the other
 the sunrise. Brad was so kind to play the song from lion king (demon lamas wearing pink pajamas...) to really give us a good feeling of accomplish at the top in the freezing cold wind.

worst picture of me ever but proof that i made it all the way to the top
{clearly no sleep and hiking all night is not my best look}

the hike down so fun seeing all the things we missed in the dark. the meadow may have been my favorite part! 
after we made it back to the bottom we stop at cafe rio for some much needed munchies then straight to bed for, what might be possibly be the greatest nap i have ever taken! even though it was hard and very long i am so glad i was finally able to do this. 
check it off the bucket list