Friday, June 8, 2012

one year...

i cant believe its a year since everything happened.
a WHOLE year.
the shortest/longest/worst year ever.

brynn life is so weird without you. 
every holiday tinted with sadness by your absence. i never really noticed how much halloween was kind of like our special holiday. we loved to dress up and you always had the best costumes. but we didnt need halloween to dress up either! 

just look at these gems
 breast mermaid friends forever! 
I was sooo happy when i found your fin and was able to put it in your casket with you. wrapped around your feet ready to swim!
When is there not a good time to rock and 80's dress
or have an 80's themed 20th birthday party?

brynn you always made everything so exciting and fun. 

I wish i could the words to express how  much i love and miss you. how having you gone is the hardest thing. how much i think about you. but i am not good with words and can never find the right ones. 

so many wonderful things have happened this year to honor you. i am so proud to be someone that was able to be so close to you and share so much of your life with. 
this video that your wonderful family put together is so amazing and i cant watch it without crying!

for the one year anniversary emma helped me put together a little gathering to celebrate brynn.
in the morning i went and decorated the tree by where the accident happened

 friends and family gathered around. brynns adorable grandpa made the nicest speech.

i hope she enjoyed it! 

i was expecting to be a basket case all day crying my eyesouut, but i had this overwhelming feeling of comfort and love all day that made me smile. 
 i know it was brynn telling me that everything was going to be ok, and the prayers of everyone thinking about me and her family. 

i have been blessed with so many wonderful friends and family who have helped me more than they will ever know this year. with each trial they have helped me get back up and move forwarded. they have been there for me every step of the way. 
i love each and every one of you so much!