Wednesday, May 16, 2012


i did my first bike ride!
i am a little proud of myself
golidlock is an all girls ride in harriman utah
we originally were signed up for 80 miles {holy poo....} but since i have been out on my bike a grand total of 3 times before the ride i "rationally" told my sister there was no way that was going to happen, we negotiated on the 40 mile route! nailed it. there were some terrible hills that i was able to very slowly make it up, and i may have gotten slightly snappy for a little while when i got left behind by whitney because she is much faster than i but we were able to work in out and have some fun along the way!

the last 10 miles were just a gradual uphill climb of death but we made it. until about 20 feet to the finish line........
the grand finale! we had a bit of an accident.
we stopped watching each other as our family was cheering us on to the finish line. poor sister hit my back tire and hit the ground super hard, cracked her helmet but luckily nothing else! after we recovered and got back on our bikes to ride across the finish line i completely lost my balance while just standing still clipped in just on one side and fell over. nothing compared to whits tumble.
but we did it! 
we made it 40 miles in 3 1/2 hours
slightly bruised and a little sore but we did it and i am very proud of both of us! 
thanks for pushing me and helping me along the way. glad you are ok!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Break time!

sadly for school we dont get the summer off.
I took advantage of the little over 2 short weeks that we did get and it was great. I got to see an old friend, spend some quality time with family and friends that are like my family. it was great!

the day i finished finals whitney, mike and i hit the open road headed for vegas/cali
we spent the night in vegas at sean and laurens house, got to play with my little love tank then finished the drive to cali the next morning. my sweet friend amanda was kind enough to let us crash on her couch for a few nights in huntington beach. while we waited for her to get home from work we played in the sand then whisked her away for a magical evening at medieval times!

The next morning we went to DISNEYLAND! it was so fun, until i lost my camera :( {very sad face and also the reason why most of my pictures are from my phone....believe me, we lost some real gems from the beach} amanda and her friend scott were able to come meet up with us during the night for a fun time. it was so great to see her and spend a little time together. 

our last day in cali was spent in six flags magic mountain. so crazy! biggest coasters i have ever been on, maybe. it was so hot but so fun. pretty sure we had some tears from whitney on the first huge drop, we both started to see black spots on a never ending circle, and whiteny went on all the rides except for one. and that one made me super nervous. you start backwards but since the chairs on connected to there own spin around during every drop and turn! holy crap! we did it twice :) 

the next few days were spent being lazy in vegas walking tank, hiking, and laying out by the pool with sean and lauren. so much fun! we went to red rock park and climb all over the place {I even got to feel little baby hudson kick ever so slightly and was super excited. i cant wait to meet that little guy}. dad and mc met us in vegas with carl and jeri eddington for dinner at maggianos. so yum!

ran the thanksgiving point 5k with emma, kat, and kallie. so much fun! i was so proud of myself for running the whole time without stopping except to get a drink. woot! check out the sexy photos here at emmas blog. 

the rest of the break was spent helping out jelissas mom at the house, hot tubing, and relaxing with friends. got to break out the golf clubs and go on a fantastic little hike up millcreek canyon. 
it such a shame that i go so sadly back to school. it amazing how happy having just a small taste of freedom could make me. only 7 more months until i get to feel that all the time! 
happy summer everyone!