Tuesday, January 24, 2012


third semester is going to be intense
we are learning INJECTIONS. ah!
(i look creepy, or maybe its just that im holding a syringe)
I am very nervous about all of this! 
every Thursday morning we will randomly draw names and practice sticking each other. i used to look forward to Thursday, they now terrify me! i don't know if i am nervous because we have 2 entire boards test just on this one subject or the fact that i have to stick a needle into someone. both i think. also i am fine getting shots...as long as i don't see the needle. now im the one doing it!
so my question to all anyone else who gives shots.... how do you get use to it?

Monday, January 2, 2012

so this is a new year....

Happy New Year!!
 its so no secret that 2011 and myself didn't really get along that well. i have never been so happy to welcome in a new year and start anew! 

i don't have to many plans for this year since i will be working my booty of at school the entire time. (expect few and boring posts!) im not one to make many resolutions since i always suck at them but this year i have a few that i really plan on working hard at to improve myself!

1. live to inspire
i want to live a life that brynn would be proud of. no more sitting around being sad and boring. i may be old but i can still have some fun right?!
2. be happy
i will no longer be a downer, promises. i think 6 months of moping is enough. im not saying it will be easy but i will once again start to find good in all things. 
3. exercise
typical i know...but lets be honest, i ate a lot of goodies these past few weeks! and this also goes along with the be happy because i feel better, have more energy, and do better in school. so its helpful all along! plus i need to get in shape if i am going to be doing some bike rides this year (red riding hood here i come!) 
4. eat out less
i need to save some money! haha and this way i will also eat better
5. be better at my churchie duties
aka actually go (i know i am horrible!) and also i will be reading the book of mormon all the way through again. i have only done it a few times and think it will be greatly helpful. plus, i have been considering the option of going through the temple so this will help me along that journey as well! 

i know they are nothing special and sounds simple. but i feel that for me the will be greatly helpful to help improve myself.
Hope everyone has a wonderful year, can wait to see what joys it brings to us!

   goodbye 2011, you were not so great!

brynn's quilt

i hope everyone had a magical Christmas!

this year was pretty simple.
my favorite gift was a quilt that i was able to help give to the Barton's. 
trae and his mom asked me to get some of her old clothes so they could make a quilt for the family to have when they missed her. (they asked me to do this right after the funeral so since we are a little slow it took a while!). em and erin had to great idea to give her all of brynns old Christmas pj's. her mom loves Christmas and the family always does really fun and crazy activities to celebrate every year. 

we even put some of her old perfume on it!

 deb recognised all the pj's right away and was speechless. she loved it sooo much! 
the sadlers are amazing and gave the bartons one of the best gifts this year. i know its something they will always cherish! 

merry Christmas and a happy new year!